Learn How to Design an eBook Cover

with descriptions and easy to remember layout names that will thrill your soul!

21 Book Cover Design Concepts

with over 60 illustrations

It’s becoming necessary to write meaningful content that is searchable, whether for publishing, blogging or just getting people to your website. As a web designer I always suggest to my clients to hire a professional SEO writer to provide content. The alternative is to write an eBook — with an attractive graphic — to drive traffic to your website.

Graphics which link to articles or products need to be readable and interesting. “Got You Covered” is a guide to layout design that explains basic layout concepts. Understanding layout design and composition will help anyone create great looking web graphics for book covers and for digital publishing.

Book cover design concepts described in “Got You Covered” can also be applied to print design used in advertising, fliers, brochures, and posters (to name a few). The book cover layouts described here are universal formulas and will be beneficial for visual artists who want to improve their work.

This book on cover design was created for professional graphic designers, artists, authors, students, and anyone interested in learning layout design.

If it doesn’t look good, it’s nothing.

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