I work as a freelance graphic designer north of Boston in Merrimac MA.

This site is my blog. I have an assortment of notes and ideas that I just want to jot down as I build websites and work on other graphic design projects. It’s just easier for me to post on a website.

Visit linkedIn if you want to know where and who I’ve worked for … there’s some links below that will take you to my commercial and personal work.

This site is my working sketchbook, and stuff I want to share.

  • Visit Flying Cloud Design for Graphic Design Services.

    I offer marketing packages to start-ups and freelance for corporate design departments in technology and healthcare. This work includes brochures, logo design, trade show graphics, newsletters, booklets, advertising and retail graphics. I build WordPress websites for small family owned businesses and innovative start-ups.

    For more information email me or call 978 886-8085 and leave message.

  • Visit the Logo Shop for original custom logo design or for royalty-free logos.

    Royalty-free logos.

    The logo shop offers royalty-free logos which may be purchased and downloaded online.Many of these are generic-type logos which may be used without copyright infringement.

    Custom Logos

    Custom designs from original concepts, may be copyrighted or trademarked. They are designed specifically for the client. The ownership of the original art is transferred to the client.

    Logo Guide

    A quick guide to logo design is also available for purchase.

  • Visit Photogeoia

    Photography is more of a hobby, though when needed on brochures and websites I have done a few portraits and product shots.

    My currently work is photographing images from the street, small stores, still life’s, and family farms.

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Graphic design services. Flying Cloud Design.

Logo design services. Flying Cloud Design Shop.

Fine art photography exhibits. PhotoGeoia.